Q? What is a MODHOME?

A. A MODHOME is a structure built in a climate-controlled factory environment. Constructed to all local and national building codes, as well as the strict guidelines of the CSA approval process – these homes are typically stronger and better built than conventional site built homes. Banks, Credit Unions, Local building code jurisdictions, property insurance agencies and the CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corportation) all look at modular built homes the same way they do a conventional site built structure.

Q? What makes us stand out from the competition?

A. The owners of MODHOME not only have a background in design and construction, they also spent several years working with companies specializing in prefabricated home products. Learning the process of factory construction first hand, we are now applying our experiences to a new and exciting business venture.

Q? How does the building permit process work?

A. We will provide all the necessary documentation which will be used for both the permitting and construction process. You simply have to bring in the printed sets of drawings to the local building authority and pay the appropriate permit fees associated with your project.

Q? Can I get home owners insurance?

A. Yes! Insurance companies look at a modular homes no differently than a site built home.

Q? Who inspects the construction process?

A. The factories we work with are all certified to produce CSA-approved modular homes. They work in conjunction with a third party inspection company to ensure all components of your home are built to local and national codes. Your local inspector will sign off on the plumbing and electrical services in addition to your foundation work, with a final inspection done once the home is landed and hooked up.

Q? Can I install an active solar system on my new MODHOME?

A. MODHOME has a strong relationship with several alternative energy companies, so if you’re looking to install either a solar hot water or solar electric system, we will work with you to ensure the appropriate steps are taken during the production of your home for these systems to work effectively and efficiently.

Q? How can I further “Green” my MODHOME?

A. Our company has a vast amount of experience with different buildings methods and materials. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a radiant in-floor heating system, or perhaps you’d like to investigate alternative insulation options such as spray foam or rigid foam insulation – our team will work closely with you to create an energy-efficient home that fits your budget.