About Us

Who is ModHome Developments?

ModHome developments is a group of professionals that have come together to provide the public with the opportunity to access long term sustainable and affordable residential and commercial buildings.

What is affordable housing?

This can be defined in many ways. We can build to any budget and environment.  There is the initial purchase price of land, construction cost but there is also a maintence cost and a monthly operation costs.

Initial Purchase Price of Land

A large percentage of the overall project cost is land. Our design team can provide you with support through the land hunting stage. Each piece of land has it own characteristics. How much sun will we get? What are the elevations? Do we have to blast? How much do we have to blast? Where are the water and power services? What type of foundation can we have, piles or concrete? There are so many items that should be addressed before purchasing a piece of land. We can help you through every step of the process, resulting in a project that is fun and exciting, not stressful.

Construction Costs

Our hands on design team, consisting of building designers, engineers and journeyman carpenters all work together to design your building to your budget. You may think why do
we have carpenters on the design team? Our business model is to work together as a team, resulting in a design that the whole team has their head into. This results in high productivity on site during the construction phase, intern saving you money and time.

Maintenance Costs

There is a lot more to life then to be a slave to your home or building. Our model is to
minimize maintenance ad upkeep to the building inside and out, this include the landscaping as well.

Monthly Operation Costs

“The cost of living in the North is so high”, you have probably heard this
before? Why is this? Food costs? Vehicle gas? Monthly bills?

Reducing cost of ownership

42% less heat loss over standard built home.  Annual space and domestic hot water energy 50% improvement over standard built homes.  Annual fuel consumption 30% less

Our team pays attention to the details that really make a difference. We have learned from past experience that a design is only as good as the construction. We spend the time to design high performance building but most importantly we take the time to ensure they are constructed to the same level. How do we do it? All our team is educated in building science. We spend the time to educate ourselves as a team, designers, engineers, and carpenters, resulting in team operating as a whole.

Based on studies by the Canadian Governement, the average Canadian is responsible for 5 tonnes (5000kg) of Greenhouse Gases annually. These number increase in the north with the harsh environment.

Almost 75% of the energy used in Yellowknife goes towards heating buildings, and most of that comes from diesel fuel (heating Oil), generating about 80% of the overall greenhouse gases produced in Yellowknife.

We can use renewable energy sources to reduce our reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels and reduce our greenhouse emissions:

    • Passive Solar Heating
    • Solar Hot Water Heating
    • Biomass Heating

We can also integrate wind and solar electricity into our buildings future decreasing our dependence on the aging hydro systems of the north.

What types of buildings can we build?

ModHome can custom design any building to your budget.

    • Single Family
    • Multi family of any size
    • Commercial office/retail